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Juliane Gregori was born in Berlin in East Germany. After studying at drama school in Leipzig, she began her career as actress and director in 1999. She begins with the cinema with some short films, including The Vagabond (Cannes 2012). Then several feature films, including the latest film by Dennis Gansel „The Fourth power „. She also contributed to the german independent film (Drei Finnen). In order to devote to his own achievements, she joined in 2013 in the French production company Film Overlap whose end is to support film projects of fiction and documentary with a strong signature of authors from different cultures (France, Germany, Iran, Morocco, Burkina Faso, Gabon …).

actress / film

Alma in A common tongue

by Agnia Galdanova – musicvideo -3 mn- Germany/ Russia 2018


by Reza Serkanian – short film Fiction – 3 mn – Overlap Films – Germany/ France 2018

Teresa in The rock of Narayama  

by Reza Serkanian – short film Fiction – 15 mn – Overlap Films – France 2017

Alma in Heartcore

by Romina Seiz – Short Film Fiction – ROCCfilm – Germany 2015

Mme de Staël in Deutschlandsaga  Terra X

by Gero von Boehm – TV Series TV – ZDF – Germany 2015

Katta in The  circle

by Döndü Kiliç –short film Fiction – R.N.Production – Germany 2015

Jana Schwarz in Drei  Finnen  (Three Finns)

by Nicolai Borger – Feature film Fiction – NoBorders – Germany 2014
Ebinger in Stempel!

by Süheyla Schwenk – CM Fiction – Wechselstube-Film – Germany 2013

SHE in The vagabond

by Rudolf Domke – CM Fiction – DFFB production – – Germany 2012

Johanna/ Hanna in Magic Lighter

by Romina Seiz – Feature film Fiction – No Borders – Germany 2012

Assistant Urban in 205 – room of fear

by Rainer Matsutani / Neue – Feature film Fiction – Schönhauser – Germany 2011

Else Kolmar in Geschichte Mitteldeutschland –August Horch

by André Meier – TV Series TV – ZDF – Germany 2009